Who We Are

"It takes a village to raise a child."

-African proverb

Mothering21 was formed by parents, for parents. We created the platform through an online community of parents seeking the best practices, guides, parenting blogs, and forums on the internet. We understand how overwhelming the information on the internet can be for first-time as well as experienced parents, which is why we aim to be your go-to place online when it comes to parenting tips and family values.

Mothering21 is a website made for interests such as types of parenting, fostering, raising teens, and everything in between. With materials on subjects ranging from pregnancy to toddlers, from adolescence to teenage to adulthood, from going back to school to going back to work, we will do our best to cover the stories and topics that matter. On our website, there is no need to search deeper for the top parenting blogs, yet if you wish to read about something you do not see here, please let us know so we may explore more topics about parenting and family with you.

Let Mothering21 be your village, at least online, to help equip you with the best parenting practices you may apply in raising your family.

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