Meet The Team


Annie Archibald

Annie Archibald has a PhD in Family Studies from York and has taught in universities for decades. Along with her professional career, she also is a mother of five and now a grandmother to two loving boys. 

After retiring as a professor, she now devotes her time in sharing her mastery with people who seeks to develop their knowledge with a strong scientific and multidisciplinary perspective in the field of family studies and child development.
Thomas Reedy

Thomas Reedy

Thomas studied Bachelor Studies in Family Life and Child Development and has taught alongside Annie for several years.

He now spearheads our team of writers and editors and ensures the quality of articles we write here in Mothering21. He wish to see our website as a platform for all types of parents and families, and a space that fosters diversity and acceptance.

Rochelle Payne

Parent Coach, Head Contributor
A professional stay-at-home mom, Rochelle coaches parents around the world online and regularly writes for Mothering21. She speaks, contributes and has been featured on local and international platforms across the USA and Canada.

Ella Peters

Senior Writer
Our Senior Writer Ella is a single mom of three adopted children. She has worked for lifestyle brands and magazines over the years and has spoken in various events across New York and California. She specializes in parenting styles and techniques, as well as fostering and adoption processes.

John Banks

Social Media Manager
John Banks leads our team of young professionals in ensuring our online presence. His team also deals with the day to day inquiries from our readers across the internet to make sure we get to write about what matters most to our readers.
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