What Are Some Rewards Of Parenting?

November 22, 2023

Sometimes being a parent might make us feel as if we aren't getting anything out of it, but sometimes all we need is a reminder of why that's not the case. Although becoming a parent is likely to be the most challenging job you'll ever have, it's also full of sweet small moments that make it all feel like it was worth it. Even though every child is unique, most of them reach the same developmental stages and enjoy the same kinds of positive experiences as they get older.

They Take Their First Steps Alone

"One of my favorite parts of observing a baby's development is when they begin walking alone," says Raman A. Even if your child is certainly mobile in some fashion prior to walking, the first steps they take on their own thrill you with pride. Knowing that your child is capable of independence and doing something so challenging, yet essential to living, gives you the confidence that they can accomplish anything.

They Run to Hug You at Pickup

"Knowing that my children adored their babysitter like a grandmother, yet still rushed up to embrace me when I arrived to pick them up after work" is what makes Kelly R. feel that parenting is worthwhile. Even if they're having fun and you may feel bad for not spending the entire day with them, their eager little embrace reassures you that you are still the most important person.

They Cover You Up When You Lay Down

You normally take care of everyone else in your family, so it is precious when your child takes a small effort to look after you. It is very lovely and compassionate when your child offers you a blanket to wrap you up, whether you're taking a little rest on the sofa or you're sick. Being a parent is defined by caring for others, therefore if your child is learning to care for others, you know they have compassion and the potential to be a wonderful parent in the future.

They Enter Their Classroom and Start Talking to Everyone

Volunteering in your child's classroom gives you a fresh viewpoint on their social development. Michael K. reveals that one of his most gratifying parenting moments is when his child blossoms as a social butterfly in the school, making friends with virtually everyone and willing to provide a helping hand. Observing your child's eagerness to interact with others and be really kind to them tells you that you've produced a remarkable little person, even when you're not around.

They Decide to Go to Bed on Their Own

Most children dislike going to bed because they are afraid of monsters, the dark, or losing out on whatever their peers are doing at night. Your heart swells with pride when your child spontaneously proclaims that he is ready for bed and proceeds to his room. When your child recognizes their own needs and makes such a mature decision, you know you've provided them with the skills they need to be successful in life.

They Tell You They Want to Live With You Forever

"If I ever tell my kid that he will one day own his own home, he becomes really distressed and starts to cry," says Michele M. It thrills my heart when he says he wants to spend eternity with me. Even if parents are busy with work and housework and sometimes have to be the "bad guy," it is incredibly fulfilling to know that their child will never leave them.

In spite of the fact that being a parent is replete with moments of embarrassment and feelings of remorse, it is also laden with modest benefits. When you begin to treat these everyday occurrences as gifts, you'll begin to understand what it is about being a parent that makes it so valuable.

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Annie Archibald has a PhD in Family Studies from York and has taught in universities for decades. Along with her professional career, she also is a mother of five and now a grandmother to two loving boys.

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